As a software and systems development professional, I have a demonstrated ability to use technology and innovation to drive business evolution and solve complex problems. I have experience managing large teams and budgets, and have been a pioneer in implementing remote and distributed teams. I am also an early adopter of agile development processes and have a history of completing large and complex projects on schedule and on budget. My problem-solving skills have been key to my success in managing several concurrent projects with intricate interdependencies and specialized resources, and multiple team leads and project managers.

Career History

March, 2023

Digital Onramp WSI Begins Offering AI Services

In addition to offering assessments of how AI can be integrated into your enterprise, we offer AI assisted content creation, graphics and logo creation, as well as AI based advertising assistance.

July, 2020

Transition to Real Estate Syndication

Due to a lack of viable projects, transitioned into real estate syndication investing in 2018 with a focus on mobile home parks, storage, and short term rentals. We retired our last loan in August 2020.

Jan , 2020

Digital Onramp WSI Offers Cloud Computing Services

We will migrate, host, and manage your applications in various cloud environments.

February, 2019

Founded Digital Onramp WSI

Created Digital Onramp WSI, a digital marketing and technology company that provides marketing and technology outsourcing to small and midsize businesses.

April, 2018

Physical Therapy Ends

Completed recuperation of foot and ankle reconstruction. Fully ambulatory again and able to walk without assistance. Time to learn to walk again.

December, 2017

CLASS Development Contract Ends

The CLASS development contract ended at the end of the year. I decided to take some time off to recuperate from surgery and explore new business ideas and technology.

October, 2017

Right Foot Reconstruction

Underwent complete reconstruction of my right foot and ankle at the Institute for Foot & Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy Hospital.

May, 2014

Active Real Estate Investing

Consulted on residential redevelopment projects and made loans on various residential redevelopment projects.

October, 2009

Joined DB Consulting

Joined DB Consulting Group supporting the NOAA CLASS development contract. In addition to maintaining archive operations, the project was tasked with supporting the next-generation polar and geostationary satellite programs. Each of these new satellites produces over four times the data ingested into the archive at the start of the contract and each program included four satellites. This was a major upgrade to the archive and required redesigning and deploying all components of the archive.

August, 2009

Left EDS After HP Purchase

After HP bought EDS, the relationship with clients became strained and I didn’t see a future with the company.

March, 1988

Joined EDS

Joined the EDS Commercial Insurance Division in Rockville, MD. I joined the EDS SED program in 1988 and worked on various insurance systems, providing new lines of business to established insurance companies. Throughout my time at EDS, I participated in all phases of development and had the opportunity to learn about technology, business, and management as the division grew. My team managed the evolution of systems from mainframe to web-based, and I gained experience in project management and leadership.

May, 1987

Graduated Westminster College

BS in Math & Physics Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA